SAN Nutrition- Free-T

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  • Support free and healthy testosterone levels*
  • Accelerated post-exercise recovery*
  • Enhanced protein synthesis = more muscle belly size*
  • Increased strength & vigor*
  • Healthy and sustained sexual vigor without side effects*

It goes without saying that increased testosterone is beneficial and desirable for athletic performance. More free testosterone results in increased strength, boosted endurance, quicker recovery and enhanced muscle building – let alone the fortified sex drive.

FREE-T is made with key elements known to promote elevated levels of free testosterone naturally. D-Aspartic Acid is one of the proven ingredients, utilized for its extraordinary ability to increase testosterone-producing luteinizing hormone (LH) up to 118%.

The plant-derived forskolin in FREE-T not only increases free testosterone by up to 33.77%, it also supports bone health, decreased body fat and increased muscle mass. This means increased strength, more muscle and better definition.

The one thing athletes seek to avoid with increased testosterone production is the potential for increased estrogen levels. FREE-T manages to further the benefits of free testosterone by keeping estrogen levels at bay. Utica Dioca, Indole-3-carbinol, and Calcium D-Glucarate prevent the negative effects of estrogen by inhibiting its conversion from testosterone.

FREE-T is a potent and safe way to significantly increase the benefits of heightened testosterone production.