Lenny & Larry's - Muscle Brownie

Lenny & Larry's - Muscle Brownie

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✔ 1 Brownie = 1 Serving

✔ 35% Less Sugar Than a Regular Brownie (Only 9g)

✔ 20g of Protein Per Brownie

✔ 20% Daily Fiber (5g)

✔ Less Calories Than The Original Muscle Brownie®

Love our brownies but want to mix it up? Well, now you can with our Muscle Brownie® Sample Pack. All of our rich and flavorful Muscle Brownies® are packed with enough protein to feed your muscles and chase away hunger.

Fresh Baked Nutrition®

✔ Fresh Baked Flavor

✔ 20g Protein per Brownie

✔ Low Cholesterol

✔ Meal Replacement

✔ On-the-go Snack

✔ Amazing Taste!