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5 Tips to Lose Weight and Get in Shape

While bulking up and looking like the hulk is a good thing for those who can pull it off, having a classic lean muscular body structure never goes out of style. It is healthy, it is fit, it makes clothes look better on you, and it makes you feel confident. There is nowhere you can go wrong if the focus of your fitness regime is fitness and not looks. Balance between exercise and rest is as important as balance between food and water. Following the correct approach is the best way to reach a fit state of body and a healthy state of...

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Importance of Sleep in the Prevention of Weight Gain

Over the past decade, the amount of sleep that the average human gets has significantly decreased. This state of sleep deprivation affects your health in several ways. First off, it causes poor memory and altered mood. Individuals, who fail to sleep enough, tend to be easily irritated and grumpy. Secondly, inadequate sleep increases stress levels and weakens the immune system. Recent research has also discovered that sleep loss contributes to weight gain. For this reason, you should ensure that you sleep soundly each...

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