You Go Lean PM - The Secret To Losing Weight In Your Sleep?


Can you lose weight while you are sleeping? Weight loss has been one hot topic for so long a time now. It has become common to see adverts of weight loss pills spread all over the newspapers and popping up on your smartphone while you are trying mightily to play your game. These weight loss pills can do the wonders that You Go Lean PM has to offer. This just may be the most ultimate weight loss product in the market today. 

Amount of sleep and weight loss

A recent study conducted on Americans proved that there is a strong link between obesity and the amount of sleep an individual is getting. Apparently inadequate sleep usually increases the amount of two signal hormones namely: leptin and ghrelin. These two hormones play a great role in the control of appetite and eating habits. Ghrelin increases appetite. Leptin on the other hand has always been known to lower appetite by telling the body when it is satiated.

However, if you do not sleep enough there will be a significant increase in the amount of calories being consumed. The individual will consume more calories and will not be shedding them offer because of the lack of compensatory energy expenditure.

The workings of You Go Lean PM 

You Go Lean PM is the ultimate appetite suppressant, nighttime sleep aid as well as thyroid stimulator. This product brings with it a very unique blend of natural ingredients whose goal is to allow you better sleep, weight loss and fat burning. The natural ingredients in the product may help you sleep more comfortably and restfully at night.

There are also the appetite suppressants such as 5HTP and Hoodia which work to suppress hunger whilst you sleep. Therefore you can forget about those midnight meals and those potato chips and cookies that sleep next to you on the nightstand. Guggulsterone is known in the holistic world as a thyroid stimulator which is an ingredient contained in You Go Lean PM. The thyroid gland plays the role of increase metabolic rate through its hormones. In other words you will be burning more calories. Being a natural ingredient, guggulsterone may help stimulate your thyroid gland without causing any health hazards.

It is only fair to close by mentioning that not only will you be able to burn extra calories but you will also be able to increase muscle growth better. Normally growth hormones are produced at their maximum during the night. You Go Lean PM will help you lower your body fat percentage, enhance your mood and improve your cardiovascular health.

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