Importance Of Sleep In The Prevention Of Weight Gain

Over the past decade, the amount of sleep that the average human gets has significantly decreased. This state of sleep deprivation affects your health in several ways. First off, it causes poor memory and altered mood. Individuals, who fail to sleep enough, tend to be easily irritated and grumpy. Secondly, inadequate sleep increases stress levels and weakens the immune system. Recent research has also discovered that sleep loss contributes to weight gain. For this reason, you should ensure that you sleep soundly each night, particularly if you want to slim down.

Stops Late-Night Snacking

When you stay up for too long, there is a high likelihood that you will indulge in unnecessary snacking. If the foods you consume have a high content of calories, this will hamper your weight loss efforts. In one particular study, participants who slept for an average of four hours gained more weight compared to the well-rested subjects.

Burns more Calories

Sleep is also crucial in the weight loss process since your body tends to torch more calories when you rest enough. A particular study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition postulated that persons who slept for the right number of hours had higher resting energies than their counterparts. Resting energy refers to the number of calories that are burned when you remain inactive.

Enhances Fat Loss

Many people, trying to lose weight, spend most of their time working out. Although these individuals make wise dietary choices, they still find themselves gaining weight. If you fail to get sufficient sleep, your body will be incapable of losing enough fat.

Bottom Line

Sleep deprivation encourages unnecessary snacking, hampers the loss of fat and makes it difficult for the body to burn calories. Besides, inadequate sleep leads to exhaustion, which can cause you to make poor dietary choices. The secret to achieving significant weight loss results is getting enough sleep. You Go Healthy’s own You Go Lean PM may be great for preserving your sleep the right way. Click Here: You Go Lean PM to learn more.