5 Tips To Lose Weight And Get In Shape

While bulking up and looking like the hulk is a good thing for those who can pull it off, having a classic lean muscular body structure never goes out of style. It is healthy, it is fit, it makes clothes look better on you, and it makes you feel confident. There is nowhere you can go wrong if the focus of your fitness regime is fitness and not looks. Balance between exercise and rest is as important as balance between food and water. Following the correct approach is the best way to reach a fit state of body and a healthy state of mind.

1. Know your body

This is the first and most important thing. You must know what type of body you have before experimenting with it. After all, making changes in diet and putting extra efforts is an experiment. To achieve better results, know your body type first. Know your body weight, your injuries, your allergies ,your blood pressure – all of it. Pre-game!

2. Nutrition

Getting lean is about carbs, calories, fat and protein. These are the most important factors in the process. Step 1 is to lower the carb intake. The body starts to burn the stored fat if carb intake is lowered. So this, is key. Now, you also need to regulate a balanced intake of protein and calories per day. This is fuel. You will be working hard every day and the body requires nutrition. These are the most important ones. You also need to consult a nutrition expert on how to balance other vitamins and minerals as well. Increase the meal frequency and lower the intake per meal. This is the right approach to burning fat ‘from the inside’. And yes, sugar is the ENEMY. Avoid sugar intake as much as possible, and keep your diet locked down.

3. Workout regime

A lean body is achieved only by ‘repetition’. Repeating the sets of low weight more than the ones of usual weight. That is trick one. Trick two is doing a lot of cardio exercises. These are the exercises that naturally cover all of your body parts, and hence, the proportion is well-balanced. Use cardio in moderation, and do hardcore weight training for short amount of time, taking low rest minutes in between. This is a concept used by various Hollywood actors to achieve a mean, lean physique.

4. Hydrate

Staying hydrated is a very essential part of shredding weight and staying healthy while doing it. Typically, to meet your needs while working out, there is the need of about a gallon of water each day, if not more. drink up!

5. Rest

Take ample amounts of rest. Your body is tired. Experts say that you need to know when you are ‘burning fat ‘and when you start ‘Burning muscle’.

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